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Moto Car News Porsche 911 Making the Most of Your Porsche 914 – What to Do and Where to Go

Making the Most of Your Porsche 914 – What to Do and Where to Go

Modified Porsche 914 Mods

A modified Porsche 914 is another way of saying “used”. Porsche 914 can be an inexpensive way to bring a new look, design, and feel to your classic car. When you start modifying your car, you have the choice of doing it yourself or getting it done by professionals according to your interest. It is highly recommended that you use the services of professionals so that all your work is done right. They will also ensure that your exterior and interior will look exactly like new.

Body Kit Of Porsche 914:

The first thing you need to do to modify your car is to apply a body kit. A body kit is simply a covering that is made up of primer and paint. Body kits are available in a wide array of colors, designs, and styles. You will have a lot of options to choose from. You can even get custom colors and designs for a more personalized look. After you have chosen the color and style for your body kit, you will need to sand down the outside of your vehicle.

Why Add Body Kit?

modified porsche 914

A properly finished body kit will add both visual appeal and performance to your modified 914. It can give an eye-catching finishing touch to your car or can completely hide the defects that exist. There is certainly plenty of work to do when it comes to installing a body kit. With a little bit of work and research, you will find that Porsche 914 is an easy, inexpensive project that can provide you with a finished result that you can live with for a long time to come.


Sanding is very important when you are doing an exterior paint job on your Porsche. This is because the area around the outside of the car will be exposed to a great deal of moisture and heat. The best way to protect the paint from moisture is to use wet sandpaper to remove all of the dirt, grease, and debris from around the car. Once the 914 has been thoroughly cleaned, then it is time to prime the car.


To have a successful paint job on your modified Porsche, it is very important to use a high-quality primer. You can find high-quality primers at most auto supply stores. If you cannot find any in your area, then look online for a good auto body repair store that sells body kits. When choosing a body kit, you want to choose one that matches the exterior paint on your car. Matching the primer and paint will ensure that the finished project looks good and is a logical fit. The Art of Finding the Perfect Pre-Owned Porsche 911

Paint Your Car:

After the body of your car has been sprayed with the primer, then it is time to apply the paint. You should avoid spraying too close to the body filler because this could cause issues. Next, if you are doing an exterior paint job on your Porsche, then it is very important to use the right type of paint. Some paint jobs are more durable than others, but always remember that durable paint will last much longer than cheap paint. When you start to paint your body kit, you should prepare the paint by making sure that it is completely clean and free from any type of debris or foreign material. Then, it is time to begin spraying the body of your Porsche with the primer. As long as the primer is applied properly, you should have no problems with your exterior paint job. If the paint is too thick or it comes out too dark, then it may not look good on your modified Porsche 914.

After you have painted your body kit, you should wait several days before washing it. The reason for this wait is so that the paint dries to its final color. If you wash it while it is still wet, then it will take longer to dry. After your body kit has dried to the color you wanted, you can apply clear topcoats over it to seal the paint. This finish is also called an oil or wax finish.

Tips To Find Your Best Modified Porsche On Sale:

Modified Porsche 914’s are one of the hottest car models on the market for sale. Many modified cars get their start by simply adding a stereo system, attaching modified bumpers, replacing regular wheels with Fuchs wheels, or painting a car to match the look they are trying to achieve. But with so many modifications and an even better-looking vehicle can be attained. Here are some tips to help you search and find the best car for your needs.

Stereo System:

One of the most popular parts of a modified Porsche is the stereo system. This is simply because of how it can be easily updated to fit better speakers, update radio stations, or add new sound systems. For a simple install, replacement, or simply upgrading your speakers, this can be a simple and fairly cheap upgrade to complete. Many companies will sell used speakers that have been modified for a similar price as new ones.

Exterior Look:

While the exterior of a modified Porsche looks great, it is the interior of the vehicle that can make or break a car’s resale potential. Severe bodywork such as rock chips and small scuffs can detract from the overall beauty of the exterior. So for an easy repair, many owners simply replace the damaged areas of bodywork. Metalworking firms in the local area are also on hand to cut and shape pieces of metal for these repairs. If the damage is too extensive, the vehicle can be completely re-sprayed to smooth out the areas and bring back a showroom quality feel.

Upgrading The Car:

Other vehicles on the market can be upgraded by replacing certain parts as well. Changing the entire engine with more powered motors is another great way to give your Porsche a little bit of an edge. Often, the conversion kits include a water pump, clutch, exhaust system, gears, modified digital dash, brakes, and even a transaxle. Changing the engine can help make your vehicle run better and smoother, as well as increase its strength. Often, a complete replacement engine can cost up to $5000 and require professional installation. That said, if you do not feel confident with your ability to install the engine, you can hire professionals who will be able to install the engine for you at a fair price and work well with your vehicle.


The interior of your vehicle is extremely important. Many owners upgrade their interiors with leather, vinyl, and suede to make the interior of the vehicle comfortable and luxurious. Some owners go all out and purchase custom leather seating, custom headliners, and high-end upholstery. It doesn’t matter why you want to upgrade the inside of your Porsche, it can be a very rewarding process.

porsche 914 modified

These modifications can be subtle or very striking. No matter what you end up choosing, be sure to consult with your local Porsche shop before going through any modifications. Not all shops are capable of performing modifications to cars of this size and age. Some may not even know how to begin modifying a Porsche at all!

The interior of your Porsche is going to be one of the most important features of the vehicle. In particular, leather allows the driver to feel more comfortable because it allows more breathing space. For added support, owners can replace the seats with the sports bar-type seat as well. This will allow the driver to sit deeper within the vehicle and enjoy the flowing lines that the coupe has. Sport bar seats are also much more secure and are much easier to drive in.

A modified Porsche 914 is essentially a sporty type of sports car, roadster, or coupe that varies from its original model in certain respects. Most of the modifications made to these cars are purely cosmetic, while some represent major technological advances. The exterior and cabin design of these vehicles has undergone a considerable change over the years, so they have different appearances from one generation to another. For this reason, most modified Porsche models retain their classic and elegant looks but modernize with contemporary elements such as grille deletes, spoilers, and rear wings. Some modifications even create completely new and completely wild designs.


While modifying an older Porsche isn’t unheard of, it can be difficult to obtain the needed power for street use. A power increase is required that is especially noticeable when discussing sports car engines. Since high performance and top speed are desired by most sports car enthusiasts, increasing the horsepower level is of paramount importance. When you go to buy a new vehicle, you will most likely find that the only option available is to purchase an upgraded version of your current vehicle.

One option that you might consider when replacing your current vehicle’s engine is to upgrade to a sporty high-flow stainless steel exhaust system. The noise coming from these exhaust systems is loud enough to annoy most neighbors, but they are effective at reducing aerodynamic resistance. This means the airflow is cleaner, which enhances fuel efficiency. High flowing exhaust systems also improve the sound of your engine, so they are a great addition to a modified Porsche.

Pressure Waveguide:

Another popular modification to an engine is to install a pressure waveguide. Pressure waveguides are installed inside the combustion chambers to direct exhaust noise away from the engine. These devices work by mounting to the end of each cylinder via a threaded aluminum rod. A pressure wave-guide will help reduce muffled noises coming from the exhaust system.

If you are interested in modifying your vehicle, it’s always best to do it with a professional. Several modifications can be performed on your vehicle that most homeowners can do themselves. However, professionally done installations are usually guaranteed to be safe. A high-performance engine in a high-performance vehicle demands that it is properly set up and maintained. For this reason, many Porsche garages offer services like this to their customers. When you take your Porsche to your local Porsche dealership for repair or tuning, you can be sure that you will get top-notch service from professional technicians.


If you are looking to boost the performance of your 914 without spending a fortune, you might consider a turbocharger. Turbochargers are typically used on high-horsepower vehicles, but they can also be adapted for use on stock engines. A popular option these days is the ZR-1, which features a direct bolt-on turbocharger kit. If you are looking for a general motors tuning solution, you might consider a GM C/ Chevy ZR-1 supercharged engine.

In general, stock exhaust systems sound great; however, aftermarket exhaust systems often boast excellent sound levels as well as superior performance. The piping for your catalytic converter must be made of stainless steel because any other material will reduce the heat conduction between the catalytic converter and the engine. Many aftermarket exhaust systems also use different types of mufflers, including ones with a deep muffler to further increase back-pressure. Some manufacturers specialize in both engine and exhaust systems. If you have an exotic car or a high-end tuning project in mind, it might be worth your time while to consult an experienced custom car builder. A custom exhaust system will compliment your specific modifications, ensuring that you get the most out of your vehicle.

Tuning and installing a new induction system can significantly improve the sound level of your vehicle. However, you have to keep in mind that there are loud noises and quiet ones – the loud ones usually have a higher impact because of their frequency, whereas the quieter noises are typically lower in frequency but are less noticeable. In general, you can expect a loud exhaust to produce more power and a quiet exhaust to produce lesser power. With so many options for modifying your Porsche 914, the best way to determine what kind of modification you need is by listening to and testing various noises.

With so many manufacturers offering modified models of their already released vehicle lines, it only makes sense to see what is out there for the new generation of vehicle owners. This is also good for those who long for the experience of driving a car that is a little bit faster and with a little bit more power.

The first thing that will probably jump into your head when you hear about this type of car conversion is its title.

A turbocharged engine is what transforms a normal Porsche into a super speedster. Turbocharged engines are more powerful in general than naturally fueled engines. They also have higher pressure ratios which result in more power for less fuel consumed. Turbocharged engines are also able to provide greater fuel economy than non-turbocharged engines because of the reduced horsepower. It will all depend on the manufacturer of the vehicle as to what they deem as super or sports car status but most sports cars will benefit from some sort of engine tuning.

What Are The Differences Between A Regular Porsche And A Modified Version Of The Same Model?

A turbocharged engine will also make a vehicle much faster, putting more power into the rear tires. This is a very common reason for a person to choose to modify their vehicle. With the turbocharged engine, the exhaust will have more intake air, which will increase the amount of air/fuel mixture and the power of the engine.

porsche 914

The appearance of a vehicle can make or break its success in the eyes of buyers. A person driving a car with a clean, sleek body just looks more powerful and dangerous than one that is dirty and grimy looking. This is why most vehicle manufacturers try to keep their vehicles clean by washing and waxing the vehicles. However, sometimes washing and waxing will not be enough to take off the burrs and dirt that has gotten embedded into the paint job, the bodywork, and the exterior trim. This is where body modifications come in. Many companies now offer customization services tailored to suit the customer’s particular tastes.

Other modifications to a Porsche are found on the exterior. With so many different body styles and colors to choose from, a person has a wide array of choices to make. This is especially true for customized paint jobs. Car enthusiasts know that a good paint job makes a car look its best.

Exterior modifications also come in the form of spoilers and rear wings. These add height and lift to a car, and allow it to run faster. They also give the car a much more aerodynamic shape when running down the road. These added components can add $2021 or more to the price of a car, depending on where it is located.

Other parts of the exterior can also be changed. The suspension system, for instance, can be replaced by performance spring units and struts. The tires can be replaced with better tread designs that allow for added grip on the road as well as better hydrodynamic performance and improved chassis control. In addition to this, a performance exhaust can also be installed. This will produce more power for the vehicle but at the expense of increased back-pressure.


Q: How much does it cost to restore a Porsche 914?

Ans: The estimated cost to maintain and repair a Porsche 914 ranges from $95 to $6639, with an average of $416.

Q: Is a 914 a real Porsche?

Ans: The Porsche 914 was a joint development between Porsche and Volkswagen and was the new Porsche entry-level model as of the model year 1970. The two-stater, also known as the “VW Porsche”, was a mid-engine Sports Car.

Q: Are Porsche 914 hard to work on?

Ans: They are not particularly expensive to maintain but they are difficult to maintain because parts are not easy to come by, and the engine is in a very, very difficult spot to work on. They are also extremely unsafe.

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