2020 Porsche Taycan 4S

Guide To Buying A Used Porsche Taycan 4s – A Used Porsche Taycan 4s

2020 Porsche Taycan 4S

If you want a luxury car with outstanding performance and excellent safety features, consider buying a used Porsche Taycan 4S. These vehicles are reliable and have a reputation for high-quality mechanics and technology.

The 2023 Porsche Taycan has several key safety features, including a forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. It also comes equipped with adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go technology.


If you’re looking for a stylish luxury car that’s also extremely eco-friendly, consider buying a used Porsche Taycan 4S. The Taycan is a sleek electric vehicle with high performance and many features. It’s the first all-electric sports car from Porsche, a name synonymous with performance and emotion. It combines an innovative powertrain with premium features that have always been important to Porsche, such as advanced safety technologies and an intuitive infotainment system.

Used Porsche Taycan 4s

The Taycan is available in coupe and 4-door models, accommodating four people. The 4-door model offers more passenger space than the coupes and can be a better option for families if you don’t need a large vehicle. You can find a wide selection of used Porsche Taycan 4S cars in various states nationwide. Buying from a dealership is much better than purchasing from a private seller since you’ll be able to talk to experts about your options and not feel rushed to decide.

A dealership can also show you the different trim levels until you find one that fits your needs and budget. Valencia Auto Center in Santa Clarita can help you explore all your options until you decide on a Porsche you love.

Another advantage of buying a pre-owned Taycan is that it’s incredibly affordable. The base model Taycan is only $73,840, which makes it an excellent option for aspirational buyers who want to enjoy the thrill of an EV without breaking the bank. While the base Taycan doesn’t have the same range as its higher-priced siblings, it still gets an impressive 240 miles, enough for many driving trips in most cities. And, like its siblings, the base Taycan can charge up to 270 kW at compatible charging stations.

In addition, the battery can regen braking when you need it. It recoups 265 kW of energy when the wheels hit the brake pedal, a healthy stopping force for an EV. Plus, you can choose various braking solutions to keep your Taycan performing at its best.


A used Porsche Taycan 4S may be a great car for you to consider, especially if you’re looking for an electric vehicle that offers exceptional performance, plenty of features, and a good range. But before you jump in, there are some things to know about this model that can help you make an intelligent purchase.

The main advantage of the Taycan is its impressive acceleration. Thanks to two electric motors, the car can accelerate from 0-62 mph in just four seconds while also being able to accelerate from a standstill to 100 miles per hour in just 8.5 minutes.

You’ll also find that the Taycan’s dual-motor system will offer a smooth ride that doesn’t feel as rough as it sounds. Its softer suspension setup will make maneuvering around corners and city streets easier. At the same time, its low-profile tires will give you plenty of grip on the highway without compromising comfort or road noise.

Another cool feature of the Taycan is its regenerative braking system. Unlike traditional braces, which force the pad to touch the disc whenever you apply pressure, the Taycan’s regen system will pump up to 265 kilowatts of electricity back into its battery.

It’s also possible to set up a “Plug & Charge” feature that will automatically connect the Taycan to an Electrify America station with your credit card on file. The process can be tricky initially, but it’s an easy task that will save you time on long trips and keep your batteries well-charged. But the big problem with the Taycan is its high price tag. Depending on the trim, you’ll need to shell out a minimum of $850 to $950 annually in charges.

On the plus side, the Taycan’s regenerative braking system is impressive and one of the best in its class. It’s also worth considering the 16.8-inch digital instrument cluster. Lastly, the Taycan’s navigation system is also a big step forward in terms of technology. It includes a trip-planning function that automatically includes stops for DC fast charging along your route, helping ease range anxiety and speed up downtime between stops.


A pre-owned Porsche Taycan 4s can be an excellent option for anyone looking for a powerful and stylish vehicle. This electric sports car is available as a coupe, sedan, or cabriolet and has various features to help you enjoy your ride. When driving a used Taycan 4s, you can rest easy knowing that the manufacturer has well-maintained and thoroughly inspected this vehicle. A CARFAX Buyback Guarantee also backs it, so you can rest assured that you’re getting an excellent vehicle when you buy this model.

The Taycan is a sport sedan with a swoopy roofline similar to a 911 Carrera. It’s a great-looking car that also has a peaceful interior. You’ll find plenty of features inside the Taycan; most are standard. For example, you’ll get a 16.8-inch digital gauge cluster that lets you customize your settings and displays information like battery range and energy usage.

Moreover, you’ll be able to control most of your functions using the touchscreen interface on the dash. You’ll be able to adjust your climate settings, check on the status of the battery, input navigation data, interact with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, and open and close your trunks and charge ports. However, the touchscreen is prone to smudges. It also takes some time to learn how to use it.

Another issue is that climate controls are complicated. There must be a lag between when you adjust the vent positions and the changes happening, so it can be challenging to figure out how to use your climate settings best. If you’re not the type to learn new technology, buying a different car with fewer confusing touchscreen controls might be more accessible. This is especially true if you use something other than the Porsche Connect smartphone app or have an iPhone.

The Taycan also has a variety of driving modes, including range mode that maximizes efficiency by operating the wheels in their most efficient configuration. In addition, you can switch to Range+ mode to get the most power out of the battery while keeping the car’s top speed limited.

Where to Find Quality Used Porsche Taycan 4S Cars?

You can find a used Porsche Taycan 4S car at a great price if you know where to look. Whether you’re looking for a sedan or a wagon, plenty of choices are available. You can even buy a CPO model for extra peace of mind. One of the most popular ways to find a Porsche Taycan is to search online. This will help narrow your options by price, transmission, trim, and more. You can also use our filters to find cars that have a single owner, recently dropped in price, or have available financing.

In addition to its excellent design, the Porsche Taycan is packed with advanced technology. This includes high-resolution touchscreens that feature smartphone integration and voice recognition. It is also equipped with a host of premium safety features. The Porsche Taycan is an excellent choice for a family car. It can seat four adults, although it doesn’t have as much room as a Tesla.

used taycan 4s Specs

Despite its limited space, the Porsche Taycan can be a good option for a family wanting to go on serious adventures. It has a lot of horsepowers, and it can take them on thrilling journeys. Another great thing about the Porsche Taycan is that it’s relatively easy to maintain and care for. This makes it an ideal purchase for drivers who want to save money on gas.

There are a lot of essential safety features in the Porsche Taycan, including front and rear parking sensors, forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, and blind-spot monitoring. Drivers can add more features, such as adaptive cruise control and night vision.

A used Porsche Taycan 4S can be an excellent choice for Philadelphia drivers looking for a vehicle with a lot of power. It has a powerful battery, and advanced motors deliver incredible acceleration and speed. The Porsche Taycan is the first fully electric car produced by Porsche. This makes it a very unique and innovative car. This is why it’s so popular with drivers across the country.


Q: What Features Does The Porsche Taycan 4s Offer?

A: The Porsche Taycan 4S has various features, including an adjustable climate system, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, and a range mode that maximizes efficiency. It also has premium safety features such as front and rear parking sensors and blind-spot monitoring.

Q: Where Can I Find A Used Porsche Taycan 4s?

A: You can find a used Porsche Taycan 4S car online using our filters to narrow your options. You can also look for CPO models with extra peace of mind.

Q: What Is The Best Way To Maintain A Porsche Taycan 4s?

A: The best way to maintain a Porsche Taycan 4S is to keep up with regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other scheduled maintenance. It’s also important to check the battery level regularly and keep it charged.

Q: What Sets The Porsche Taycan 4s Apart From Other Electric Cars?

A: The Porsche Taycan 4S is the first fully electric car produced by Porsche, making it unique and innovative. It also has powerful batteries and advanced motors that deliver incredible acceleration and speed.

Q: What Safety Features Are Available With The Porsche Taycan 4s?

A: The Porsche Taycan 4S has various safety features, including forward collision warning with automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and adaptive cruise control. If you add it as an optional feature, it also has night vision capabilities.


In conclusion, the Porsche Taycan 4S is an excellent choice for drivers looking for a powerful, innovative electric car. It has various features that make it easy to maintain and care for. Its advanced technology and safety features provide peace of mind when driving. Whether you want to take your family on adventures or save money on gas, the Porsche Taycan is an excellent choice.

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